NVIDIA geforce experience won’t open

The Nvidia GeForce Experience sets the optimal graphics settings for your favorite game. However, if the program does not open, gambling is only half as much fun. In this practical tip, you will learn how to start the GeForce Experience after all.

NVIDIA GeForce experience won’t open

Why do I get the error message NVIDIA Share does not work or parts cannot be opened when starting Windows or when opening the NVIDIA Shadow play Overlay? How can I fix the bug with NVIDIA-Share, and why does GeForce Experience crash after the error message is displayed and stop responding? So, or maybe something like that might be the question of one or the other owner of NVIDIA graphics card, which has problems with the driver or more specifically with NVIDIA Share. Since we also recently had the problem with the error message and at first did not know how to handle it exactly and how to fix it.

GeForce Experience does not open – this is how you fix the problem

  • GeForce Experience may have crashed. Therefore, restart your PC and then try running the program again.
  • Make sure that GeForce Experience has been completely shut down by closing the Nvidia GeForce Experience application from the Windows Task Manager. Next, open the GeForce Experience installation directory (usually C: \ Program Files (x86) \ NVIDIA Corporation \ NVIDIA GeForce Experience) and start the GFExperience.exe application as an administrator. To do this, right-click on the file and select “Run as administrator”.
  • Sometimes it may happen that the application starts very slowly. So, GeForce Experience may still open if you wait long enough.
  • Other applications running in the background can also interfere with GeForce Experience. Try closing any unnecessary programs and try running GeForce Experience again.
  • If the application appears in the taskbar, but the program window does not open, you can try the following: Move the mouse pointer over the entry in the taskbar and wait until the small preview image appears. Now right-click on the preview and select “Maximize”.
  • If all else fails, reinstall GeForce Experience. You can download the program from CHIP either individually or together with the current graphics card drivers. Before installing, you should remove GeForce Experience from your system.

One Another Process for you:

  • Completely reinstalling NVIDIA drivers: A common approach is to reinstall the video card drivers. When reinstalling it is often advised to use tools such as the DDU tool, with which you can remove the NVIDIA drivers completely from his system. After the reinstallation of the drivers, it should probably not have come to the error message in some.
  • Disabling NVIDIA Share or Sharing in GeForce Experience settings: If you do not use the ShadowPlay feature or sharing from GeForce Experience, you can easily disable it in Preferences. After disabling NVIDIA Share and Sharing in Preferences, the error message above did not occur. Simply open the GeForce Experience client, tap the triangle icon (next to the gear) in the upper-right corner, and turn the switch off when you share. A restart of the calculator was not necessary for us, the error has not surfaced for a single time.

Last Word:

Do you also receive messages such as “NVIDIA Share does not work anymore” or “Can not open shared” and do you know any other solutions that could help here?

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