How To Make Tf2 Run Faster

How to make tf2 run faster? Team Fortress 2 is a game FPS free which is never out of the top five games are the most played on Steam. Team Fortress 2 offers a unique and exciting class system, plus a huge variety of weapons and costumes.

how to make tf2 run faster

How to make Team Fortress 2 run faster

Developer: Valve | Publisher: Valve | Size: 14 GB

Genre: First Person Shooter | Online : Yes

Unlike other FPS, Team Fortress 2 has ridiculous and ” lebay ” cartoon graphics . You can make your character fly high with rocket reflections, use water rifles to kill your opponent, or fire a laser to a friend to keep him from dying for some time.

Just like DotA 2 , you can get various weapons and costumes after the game if you’re lucky. Although already more than eight years old, Team Fortress 2 shows no signs of dying, even until 2016 this Team Fortress 2 is still diligent to get updates for technical refinement and additional other content.

Overwatch Closed Beta Already Opened!

FPS is again happening my bro! With a mixed genre, the team consists of 6 people, twins may be character, Blizzard deliberately breaking the habit of FPS games that already exist today.

Blizzard will send an invitation email to a small part of its loyal players. Blizzard also announced that the Closed Beta phase is likely to end until the end of this year, or even faster. But whose name is usually famous Blizzard will not release if “just good” wrote his quality, so do not expect too much yes.

As previously known, Overwatch is the new IP of Blizzard, and is one of the projects that became the “breakout” of its failed Blizzard mega project after developing 7 more years, the Titan project. Many also make the copying material if Overwatch this project “revenge” Blizzard to Valve after Dota taken them haha, who knows ?! With Overwatch, Blizzard wants to bring in a new genre that combines Team Shooter with MOBA, a role-based FPS team game such as Team Fortress 2 and MOBA elements that bring lots of Hero that can be played.

If you look at the hype in the early opening of Overwatch Closed Beta access, in Twitch itself is able to survive in the first position most viewed for several hours at the beginning. When this article was made it has dropped dramatically from the previous I see about nearly 200 thousand viewers, so 40 thousands viewers. Moreover there is a Dreamhack tournament for CS: GO, so it may be mostly sucked there (even the LoL viewers themselves also dropped dramatically). Just get ready in the channel – channel Youtube Gamers will be uploaded Overwatch gameplay video.

What’s interesting about Blizzard’s blog is that they do not mind even if Overwatch is a small tournament during this beta test period. Because this game is made from scratch to be addressed so one of E-Sports to be competed. No messing around when designing this game, every detail aspect always pays attention to how it can be fun to see and also has easy to learn yet hard to master it . With a mixed genre, the team consists of 6 people, the characters may be twins, Blizzard deliberately to try to break the habit of FPS games that are already running now.

For those of you who want to play it better be patient first. Because slowly but surely every 12 hours will be invited a number of gamers registered in and register as Beta tester on page [outbound_link text = “Beta Sign Up” link = “ /settings/beta-opt-in.html “]. And that is still invited still the US and EU region before, for South East Asia (SEA) is still waiting for further news. I myself was already impatient to play it even though suck if this game FPS game.

Last word:

BlizzCon this year is really happy to be good news for Blizzard Fanboy and hardcore gamers (a bit of good news for casual gamers about Herthstonae)

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