How to make Skyrim run faster

For all other questions about Skyrim, you will find here the complete solution to Skyrim Special Edition.

Unlock Map and Locations, Run faster, Fly in Skyrim, Invisibility

tfc – Flight with the camera
tcl – Fly and freeze all opponents
tmm 1 – All locations on the map are displayed
tmm 0 – No location is shown on the map
player. setav speedmult VALUE – Sets the hero’s running speed to the chosen value (100 is normal)
tdetect – you become virtually invisible to all (even if you are still visible), unless you speak directly to an NPC. Perfect for thieves.
ignorecrime VALUE – At the value of 1, the targeted NPC ignores the crimes that you subsequently commit, setting it to 0, behaving normally to
animcam– The camera can be moved freely around the hero, the hero can still be controlled
DisablePlayerControls – You can look around, but no longer move
EnablePlayerControls – Disable
DisablePlayerControls for VALUE – Specify a value to change the field of view. 65 is standard, larger (up to 90) is good for widescreen monitors

Skyrim Special Edition cheat codes

There is no command line where you could type in all the things below, but that does not mean that there are no cheats! There are even a lot of cheats and there may be many more over time.

To activate them, you have to use the mods of the game. Mods have long been known on the PC, there are sometimes small, not so small changes to the game, which were created by fans and players. The whole thing is a bit at your own risk, as there may well be bugs or unwanted effects. To activate the mods and thus the cheats in Skyrim Special Edition on the PS4 and the Xbox One, you first need an account on Get one there, you do not have to do that on the website. Then you start the game on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and go to the menu item Mods in the main menu. Log in with the account name and password you just created on and you will see the wide variety of mods.

Now go down until you find the section Cheats, and voila, everything you need! The vast majority of cheats are in English and also with English descriptions, but also work in the otherwise German version of the game.

ATTENTION: As long as mods are activated you will not get any trophies or achievements. If you deactivate all mods and cheats in the main menu again, you will also get trophies and points again.

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