On this page, you can find tips to make The Sims 4 work better on your system. Many of these tips make the loading times shorter or less fast as you play more. It is therefore very important.

How to make sims 4 run faster

1. Remove the cache files from time to time

The Sims 4 folder contains various cache files in which the data is stored. Over time, these files can become very large, making them corrupt or containing a lot of irrelevant data, making the game slower instead of faster. For this reason, it is advisable to remove these files from time to time so that they can be re-created. You can only delete cache files if you do not have the Sims 4 open. As soon as you restart the game, the files will be re-created.

You can delete the following files when The Sims 4 is not opened:

  • In the cache folder: files that end with .cache.
  • All files in the cache and cache webkit folder.
  • localthumbcache.package

Standard locations:

C: \ (My) Documents \ Electronic Arts \ The Sims 4 \ cache
C: \ (My) Documents \ Electronic Arts \ The Sims 4 \ cachestr
C: \ (My) Documents \ Electronic Arts \ The Sims 4

Source: SimGuruModSquad on the official forum .

2. Sim textures without compression, vertical synchronization, and laptop mode

If The Sims 4 is not running properly, you can try to lower the graphics settings in the game. Even if you have a high-end system can also help to Sim textures compression without turning off and vertical syncs to. Turning off the Sim textures without compression can limit load times. As you play, the loading times may increase, if you have this option, the times will increase rapidly. Turning on vertical synchronization can make the game more stable. However, this does not mean that the game runs better with vertical synchronization. If the game does not run any better, you can switch this option off again.

the sims 4 settings

Laptop mode
Especially for less good laptops and PCs, it may be advisable to turn on laptop mode. Graphically the game will be less nice with this option enabled, but you probably have less trouble with lag and a more stable game. However, if the laptop mode is switched on, there may be ‘graphics problems’ (imperfections) with the lighting in the game such as that Sims that are in an illuminated room is still as dark as when the room is unlit.

3. Have the game repaired in Origin

In Origin, there is an option to have the game repaired. Press the right mouse button on Sims 4 (when Sims 4 is not started) and then the Repair Game option appears.

the sims 4 game

4. Create multiple savegames with ‘save as’

As savegames are getting bigger, this can affect performance such as long load times. By saving the game with ‘ save as ‘ every now and then under a different name (for example Family2, Family3 etc.) the same savegame. There is still no evidence that it helps to make a new savegame, but it does not need to be limited in size.

Extra tip: do not put too many savegames in your game. Too many savegames will probably not benefit the performance. Personally, we recommend a maximum of 5-8 savegames. If you have created a number of savegames via the above method, you can delete the oldest savegames (possibly after you have first backed up ) as you no longer need them.

5. Delete unnecessary saved households

Too many households in the library can cause delays and longer loading times in the game. We, therefore, recommend removing unnecessary households. For example, if you create and save a family and then start playing, the game makes another copy of that family. If you do that with several families, you will soon have a lot of unnecessary copies. This can be removed in the game via the Gallery under My Library.

the sims 4 library households

If you have made a lot of households that you do not want to lose, but where you do not play at the moment, you can choose to temporarily move them to another location. Households are stored in the Tray folder.

Default location:

C: \ (My) documents \ Electronic Arts \ The Sims 4 \ Tray

Unfortunately, the names you give to households are not listed with the files in this folder (for example, a Sim is stored as 0x00000053! 0x0a8d00899b0d03b0.sgi). You should, therefore, focus primarily on the date.the sims 4 household tray

Households consist of the following types of files:
– .householdbinary
– .trayitem
– .hhi
– .sgi

There are usually 2 .hhi files per household. The number of Sims in the household is equal to the number of .sgi files. For example, if you have 5 Sims in your household, you will also need to have 5 .sgi files that were created at the same time.

If you have found the folder, you can create a new folder somewhere outside the Sims 4 folder that you call “Back up The Sims 4 households” or “Backup Tray folder” or something similar. Here you put the households that you do not want to use at the moment. This way you keep the Tray folder relatively empty and if you need the Sim you just put them back.

6. Remove the bulletin board and empty the household inventory

After 200 messages are posted on the bulletin board, you will automatically receive a bulletin board. However, you can also empty the message board. Furthermore, it is advisable to check the household inventory every now and then or there are not objects that you never use (for example rewards or careers). It is better to sell the items that you do not use so that you do not get a full household inventory. The same applies to the personal inventory of your Sims.

7. Play with few households in one savegame

It is possible to switch between households within one savegame, but it is better to make a separate savegame for each household. For every Sim, data is stored (relationships, skills, properties etc.) and if you have a lot of Sims in a world with a lot of data, that could have a negative influence on the performance. If you like to have multiple families in one world, you can do that. But the best you can do is place them ‘bald’ (without progress like skills and traits) in the world and then make a separate savegame per family so that you do not suffer from the ‘progress baggage’ of the other families you moment does not play.

8. Place your household in a new game

This tip is only for those who are not interested. You can save your household and then place it in a new game. Error codes (with the exception of error code 122 ) will then often be solved, although it is no guarantee that they will no longer occur. And sometimes a fresh new game can also help for the performance of the game.

The following data is retained when starting a new game:

  • Goals (all progress and the number of satisfaction points you have achieved)
  • The progress of career/school
  • Skills
  • Relations within the household
  • Simology (age of the Sim and earned properties)

The capital, the inventory, household inventory and relationships with Sims are not included. With the help or cheats, you can possibly adjust the capital and the relationships.

Step by step plan household in a new game:

  • Go to manage a household
  • Choose the option “You can edit Sims, and add or remove them into the household in Create-a-Sim”
  • Do not change anything and save the household
  • You can possibly give the household a recognizable description.
  • Go back to the main menu and open a new game
  • Open the Gallery and find your family in the library. Bring this household to CES
  • Then place the household on a lot of your choice
  • Progress such as earned characteristics and age is still present.