Learn How To Make CSGO Run Faster

How to make CSGO run faster? Many people request me to tell about CSGO. Today I will try to discuss it. Og course there is a solution that you have to do for CSGO run faster.

CS: GO ranks – we explain the system behind it

We often wondered how the Valve CSGO Ranks system works. How do you raise a rank or when do you descend again? Is it always important to be the best in the competition? Do you have the best K/D or most headshots? What about Teamkiller, Leaver or if someone is kicked ..?

That’s why we’ve come up with a good idea and in this report, we’ll try to get you started with the ranking system. We attempt to explain the Ranking System in good conscience and invoke Verified Information from Valve and our own experience gained by analyzing several games. The most Dangerous Game Theme

Fix it to make CSGO run faster

If you want to make CSGO run faster then you should follow the below picture instruction. Hope it works…

Fix it to run faster

Elo system for CSGO ranks? What is that?

The Elo system was invented in 1960 by Arpad Elo and is intended for the assignment of chess players. Every chess player has no eloibles at the beginning. In case of a win he gets some and in case of defeat, he gets some deducted. How many points you can win or lose depends on the number of points of each player. How good a player reflects the number of his Elo points. The more points the better the player.

In a somewhat modified form, Valve has applied it to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Elo system for CSGO ranks

So how did Valve apply the “chess game system” to the first-person shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive? First of all, the ranking system is only active in competitions and not in “casual games” or “arms races” etc.  Well, every player in Counter-Strik: Global Offensive has a certain number of points (Elo points). In a competition, the Elo points per team are then counted together and compared. After each round, the team losing the round will lose points and credit the winning team.

It is also important to say that not all ranks have the same score, but each rank has a range of Elopoints, but this is not relative.

Example:   Player 1 has 2930 Elo points, starting from 3000 Elopoints one rises. He wins 71 Elo points in the next game and rises. Player 1 does not go down until he loses exactly the 71 points, if he drops to 2930 points. This means that you do not descend immediately when you have just risen.

Effects of Win count

There is another factor that influences the ranking system. The “K-factor” of these parameters controls the maximum number of points to win or lose. This prevents you from ascending or descending two ranks in a row.

What are unimportant factors of the ranking system?

We already know which factors are included in the ranking. The current Elo points of each player, whether defeat or victory of the rounds and on the other, who wins the MVP’s. The important thing is: A team can never lose points if it wins the round. The other way around, you can not win points if you lose the round.

Now let’s take a look at the actions that do not affect the ranking system unless you get an MVP.

  • Killings, deaths, and assists
  • Headshots or accuracy
  • Teamkills, Granatenkills, Knifekills, etc.
  • Win/lose with the bomb dropped
  • Position on the game table or achievements
  • Damage suffered or distributed, etc.

Is it possible to ascend faster in CS: GO?

There is no magic formula in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, but a little trick. You could play with people who all have a much higher rank than yourself. Your team, of course, then has to win many rounds (preferably the competition). The teammates should then also plan or defuse you that you win as many MVP’s.

Conclusion: We hope this report has helped you and it will be a bit clearer how the ranking system in Counter-Strike Global Offensive works. Of course, we will try to keep you up to date with new findings or information. If supplements are incurred, we will add them here as a “supplement”

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