Let Me Show You How To Hunt Rabbits

Forest rabbits like Sumatran rabbits are now very difficult to find or see with the naked eye. Finally, the Sumatran rabbit is seen already several years ago and it also does not use the naked eye but the camera is deliberately placed in the forest and the new Sumatran rabbit is seen during the night.

How to Hunt a Forest Rabbit

Forest rabbits are very difficult to catch or hunt because the forest rabbit will often be in the burrow and if it comes out the forest rabbit will be very aggressive and have the ability to run very fast so to catch this rabbit requires a lot of patience. We just choose to want to shoot or trap the rabbit.

If you want to shoot you must have a wind rifle and find a place to hunt rabbits by shooting in areas that are really wide or really in hunting for example in hunting area resorts in your area. The important thing is not to hunt down the protected forest rabbits like the Sumatran rabbits because it is against the law.

Using a trap is a safe thing we can find the holes used rabbits to live in and then fit in a trap like a net then wait for it, if you can not wait to wait you can lure the rabbits out by inserting rats into the hole because the rabbit will come out of the burrow because they feel uncomfortable then the rabbit will run out of holes that have been in passing nets.

Also, know that How to Catch a Forest Rabbit

To catch a rabbit I recommend using a trap because if you catch a wood rabbit with your bare hands you will have trouble because the forest rabbit is very aggressive and runs very differently than the famous, slow, non-aggressive, and spoiled bunny rabbit or rabbit. Because forest rabbits live in different habitats with rabbits and bunny rabbits.

Finding the hole first to be fitted with a trap, to find out the hole there is a rabbit is to see in the surrounding area there are rabbit footprints or not, if there you put a trap like a net and cover the hole using the net before the rabbits out immediately trapped. If you want to quickly get a rabbit forest you can lure the rabbits out by inserting rats into the burrow so that the rabbits out of the hole and caught the nets that have been in pairs earlier.


Forest Rabbit Food

Forest rabbits eat foods such as grass, falling fruits, and straw. But if you are in an area containing wild rabbits you can put food like vegetables and straw in your yard, usually, a rabbit will approach the food by itself and eat it. You can also feed the pellets that are sown in your home page by mixing them with vegetables or straw as well as to be disguised as the forest rabbit is not used to eating pellets.

Forest Rabbit’s Nest

The forest rabbit makes the nest underground by digging it up and making it like a tunnel. Usually, forest rabbits make these nests to hide from predators or to protect their children also from predatory attacks. But not only the rabbit of the forest brown rabbit and ornamental will make a nest but when the rabbit is just giving birth.

That is my review of the rabbits of the forest from hunting, hunting places rabbits in west java, rabbit food, etc. so hopefully this article useful. That is all and thank you.

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