Do You Want To Know How Fast Can a Tiger Run?

In Asia, tigers are often described as the king of the jungle. The energies and status of the animal that topped the food pyramid became the reason. How fast can a tiger run? We all of us know that Tiger runs fast. But here I try to tell you how fast a tiger able to run?

How fast can a tiger run

Tigers do have many advantages that are so admired as well as most feared in the jungle.

Here are interesting facts about tigers.


  • Although night vision is not as good as a cat, about 6 times better than human vision.
  • In some cases, due to their threatened habitat, tigers often enter villages and attack humans. Usually, they do not attack blindly, but hide outside the village and look for people who are alone. This is done at dusk or late night when human eyesight is less alert.
  • The vision of a tiger like a human has the same color vision. That is, the tiger is not color blind.

Speed And Power

  • Tiger is a great swimmer. They love to play water when young. No wonder, the tiger is also adept at swimming for tens of kilometers to find a game.
  • Tigers can run at speeds of 60 km / h for short distances.
  • Tiger can jump as far as 6 meters and up to a height of about 5 meters.
  • According to Animal Planet, tigers can mimic the voices of other animal calls to attract prey.
  • Like a cat, the tiger’s memory is also very strong. Short-term memory alone can be 30 times stronger than humans, and hundreds of times more than chimpanzees. So, the tiger is not easy to forget things that happen.
  • Tiger brain weight approximately 300 grams. It is the largest brain of all carnivores except polar bears and is proportional to the size of the chimpanzee brain.
  • The tongue of the tiger has fleshy feathers, so that when bathing and licking the body then indirectly as well as combing their feathers.


  • Tigers rarely roar. They just roar to communicate with other tigers.
  • The boundaries of the territory are done by scratching the tree and encircling it.
  • From the smell of urine, a tiger can know the age, sex, and other tiger reproductive conditions.
  • Male tigers have a larger area than females. However, fellow tigers never control over overlapping areas.
  • Unlike lions, the male tiger is a family protector. They always wait for the females and their children to eat the prey first.
  • Female tigers only have fertile periods for 4-5 days throughout the year. That’s when they start a mating season. Then contain for 3 months and give birth to 2 to 3 children of the tiger.


  • Probably only one in ten successful hunts for a tiger. So usually the Tigers go a few days without eating before finally succeeding in finding prey.
  • In fact, tigers are animals that are not strong enough to keep hungry (probably because of the size of their bodies). The tiger will die of starvation in just 2-3 weeks.
  • Tigers often hunt themselves, except to catch big animals then do an ambush with her flock. Tigers also include animals that like to ambush, therefore when suddenly encounter with a tiger in the forest is rarely human attacked, except feeling threatened.


  • In captivity, tigers can mate with lions or other cats. Male and female tigers have large breeds called Ligers. While male tigers and lionesses produce Tiglon with a smaller size.
  • A Ligers can grow along 4 meters, so crowned as the largest cat in the world.

Other facts:

  • Tiger is the biggest of all cats. Siberian tiger can grow up to 3.5 meters in length with a weight of 300 kg. While the Sumatran tiger as long as 2 meters and weight 100 kg
  • The lines on the body of each tiger are different. It is like a human fingerprint.
  • According to the researchers’ estimates, there are now only about 3,500 tigers left in the wild.
  • The tiger lives for about 25 years both in captivity and in the wild.

Last word: Hope you like it because of an amazing fact to know about Tiger.

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