How fast can a deer run

How fast can a deer run? I have chosen this topic because I am talking about something else instead of an animal, if I am busy with it for a while I will get boring and if it is about an animal or something that has something to do with an animal. I also chose the subject because there was a lot of information about it and because I like the animals.

How fast can a deer run

Do you want to know how fast can a deer run?


Reindeer: 60 – 80 km/h, 

White-tailed deer: 48 km/h

Do you know How many kinds of deer lives in the world? And How they live?

There are more than fifty different types of deer throughout the world. Three types of deer live in our country: Red Deer, Fallow Deer, and Roe deer. Red deer and Fallow deer live the most in the Netherlands on the Hoge Veluwe and in Belgium especially in the Ardennes and the High Fens. Roe deer live the most in forest edges that lie next to meadows. They occur throughout the Netherlands. Their food consists mainly of grasses, bark, twigs, young shoots and leaves.

  • A male deer is called Deer and female deer a doe and a young one a calf. A herd of deer is called a Roodle and the mating season is called Bronze Age. A deer is between eight and twenty years old and the Hinde gets one to four young per gestation. The deer belong to the ruminants. The Red Deer is also called the kings of the forest.

The largest animal in our country is the Red Deer. The male deer reach a height of withers, that is the height to the shoulder, or about one meter thirty and a weight of about one hundred fifty kilograms, while the Hinde the female deer are smaller and weigh less.

  • Roe deer belong to the ungulates because they run on the tips of the toes. Because deer need to have them, they can easily walk on the soil types. A deer also has a very good nose, they can smell it or a doe, female deer, rut. That means she is ready to mate.

Deer are just like cows and sheep ruminants. They swallow the food without grinding it and after a while, they pick it up again to chew it for the second time.

  • Young deer are born with three milk choices. Later, if the permanent teeth are there, he has a total of 12 molars. Cutting teeth are the teeth that he cuts the food with, these are only in the lower jaw.

Fang teeth and the hooks are usually seen in a jaw half.

  • The strong teeth and molars consist of dentin and a layer of glaze. Because the molars are used when passing through the food, a few wear spots first appear on the molars and then the molars also become smaller and smaller. The age of the deer is also a bit determined by the molars.

An antler of a deer is used for various purposes. The deer can fight it well against a bear for example. The deer has its antlers for cooling, which is because blood flows through the antlers. The blood cools down in the antlers. It then flows back into the body and there is cooled blood in the body. You can also tell if your deer is healthy. If a deer has a large antler, it is a sign that he is healthy.

A deer is a herbivore, but they do not eat everything that comes to their nose. They are very picky about what they eat and always start to smell them before they eat it. Calves (young deer) also need to know what they can eat and what they can not eat, so they should always eat next to the mother’s mouth.

Because the types of plants do not grow all year round, after a few weeks or months they start eating other types of plants or things.

A deer about eats:
  • 62% leaves and buds of trees and shrubs
  • 10% grass
  • 16% herbs
  • 12% lower plants such as lichens and mushrooms.

Leaves of trees and plants prefer to eat the deer throughout the year. The deer also keep a lot of the leaves of the blackberry and the ivy. During bad weather, deer even eat holly and rhododendron leaves. In the fall they eat acorns and beechnuts.

The food of a deer is very varied. A 25 kg deer will eat about 1.5 kg of food in 24 hours. It is strange that roe deer grow well when there is no water around. You will not often see a deer drinking. Because deer rise early in the morning and all the leaves are still covered with dew, they still get enough water.

When a deer is born he immediately tries to stand, his mother helps him a bit. After 2 hours the young already dare to take a few steps. When the young is a few weeks old, the mother takes him to the pack (herd), where there are also other young deer. To know if a young is a male or female you have to look at where the antlers will come later.

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