Borderlands 2 out of body experience [Honest Review]

Borderlands 2 out of body experience?

Which gamer will be able to resist a Borderlands series from Gearbox Software? There are so many reasons to love this series of hybrid games. The main thing is, of course, the uniqueness that he created from his success combines the two biggest genres in the gaming industry – FPS and RPG. Not just taking up arms and shooting all enemies, there are so many elements that make it more complex. The damage, equipment, and skill considerations of the RPG world make it much more interesting to play. The Gearbox manages to inject so many reasons to continue playing this series over and over again, without any boredom. Something that must be the same goal for this second series.
Borderlands 2 out of body experience
After a long wait, a large Borderlands fan base (including us) certainly anticipates the presence of both series. After experience for several hours, in the beginning, he left a very strong first impression. Visualization is not much different does not necessarily become a legit reason not to experience. Gearbox able to create a game atmosphere that appears like two sides of the coin inseparable eye. On the one hand, it comes with a classic gameplay mechanism that is not much different, familiar to those who had played their first series. While on the other hand, Gearbox offers many new things that make this series much more, more perfect, more addictive.
So, what about the overall performance offered by this Borderlands 2? What makes us conclude it as a series capable of producing an addictive unique experience?

Plot of Borderlands 2

Five years after the first Borderlands event ends, the latest generation of Vault Hunters comes – Salvador, Axton, Zer0, and Maya
Shown as a sequel, Borderlands 2 itself takes the timeline 5 years after the end of the first series. The four brave Vault Hunters – Roland, Lilith, Mordecai, and Brick finally managed to find the greatest “treasure” in Pandora – The Vault Hunters and destroy the alien that dwells inside – The Destroyer. But a unique consequence arises. The opening of the vault produces a unique effect for Pandora itself, making Iridium’s precious miner appear just spreading. This attracted the giant company –  Hyperion Corporation to stop by Pandora and attempt to mine as many of the existing Iridium as possible. The leader? The antagonist your main target – Jack’s Handsome.

Then who became the protagonist in this second series?

You will play one of the four characters of the latest generation of the latest Vault Hunters –  Axton, Maya, Salvador, and Zer0. Not just looking for The Vault, these four characters are also the main target of the Hyperion which now grows into a tyranny. Handsome Jack is certainly not a “superficial” antagonist who just makes money and kills whoever blocks it. His interest to hunt for the generation of The Vault Hunters turned out to save a myriad of other agendas. Not just fighting alone, The Vault Hunters will be accompanied by a rebel group that lives in a city known as The Sanctuary. You will also meet the four previous characters who are now living on the same agenda – fighting against Handsome Jack.

Please welcome Handsome Jack… The brains behind the Hyperion Corporation that now controls Pandora.

Hyperion built a military base in the shape of “H” in one of Pandora’s moons. With the ultimate mission to mine precious materials – Eridium as much as possible, Hyperion grows into a new tyranny. But what exactly are they looking for? Why are they interested in this new Vault Hunters?
You will also find familiar faces. Can anyone guess who these two are?
So what’s the hidden agenda of Handsome Jack? What made him hunt for the Vault Hunters just behind the profitable Eridium mine? And could this latest The Vault Hunters subjugate Hyperion tyranny and open up the new Vault?

No Same, Absolute Unique!

The new character is not the only reason that makes Borderlands 2 so unique.
What makes this Borderlands 2 series interesting? Most of you may be headed straight for the new characters offered by the Gearbox in this latest series, with appearances and main classes different from the previous series. However, Borderlands 2 is not a game that can be easily summed up by just looking at one side. There are so many things that make it unique than just these four caretakers. Because ultimately, regardless of whatever character you choose – Salvador, Maya, Axton, or Zer0, you still have the freedom to create the characters you want, with the same inherent skills only in each of these characters. Regardless of the “stereotype” that may come from it, there are so many opportunities to develop whatever role you want.
How about the side of the gameplay itself? Borderlands 2 itself still carries the same root gameplay, by combining RPG-FPS world with the same style. You will still play FPS as the main genre, while RPG is the foundation for most other mechanisms. You will find damage,  elemental attack and weakness, money, experience points, and levels as well as the first Borderlands. Like an RPG game, the experience is gained from killing enemies and completing each side and main mission. This number of missions alone will be enough to keep you going with this game for tens of hours. But this “basic” thing is not something that makes Borderlands 2 so interesting.

The gameplay itself is not much different. Borderlands 2 still comes with a hybrid mechanism between RPG and FPS.

There is no limit to form the character you want, regardless of the stereotype that accompanies each character. Example? Zer0 we use. Though imitated as melee fighters, we apply min-max in one category and create weapons specialization from it.
When paired with the tea-making process, the Skill Tree is just the hot water that becomes the basic element that allows you to enjoy it. The main element there is certainly in the tea bag that will make this drink complete and perform the function expected of him. In Borderlands 2, this tea bag is the Loots you get during the game. This is the main focus that makes Borderlands 2 appear as a Borderlands 2. There is a myriad of weapons, shields, skins, and mod grenade that you can find in this game. Each of them will come with their characteristics, specifications, specialties, and strengths.

The loots system is now much more massive lets you create the characters you want, unique, and impossible with any character you meet in Pandora.

Some of the many ways to get better loots, one of them is to complete the side quest. The best way? Engage actively in multiplayer mode.
Coming from a variety of manufacturers, all these weapons have different statuses, regardless of the extent of scarcity. With so many equipment’s on offer, you’re almost impossible to find two of the same weapons, whether playing single player or multiplayer. From him, you will create a character that is definitely different from every character in Pandora, although on the multiplayer side itself. Loots will also shift to one of the main missions that encourage you to continue Borderlands 2, repeat, complete side missions, join other people’s games, increase difficulty levels, and ultimately lead to addictions that are difficult to cure.
These two things will make Borderlands 2 look so dazzling. The randomness offered by the Gearbox makes the experience of every gamer who plays it unique, to an almost impossible extent to anyone. You will also find its own pride when it comes to super-powerful rare weapons and gliding into multiplayer mode. What for? Of course, to boast a little. You can laugh at a character that is only capable of generating 3,000 damage while showing what it’s like to have a critical damage of 50-60 thousand. It’s fulfilling the ego!

Become More Bad-ass – Gain More Token!

Opportunity to strengthen the character in Borderlands 2 is not just getting from a leveling up system that depends on the number of experience points you get. Killing enemies in massive numbers and completing any existing side quest will indeed help your character to grow stronger, but there is always another way to achieve this. The gearbox injects a new system called Badass Rank as a side-by-side quest to help you, not only reinforcing your one character but all the other characters you use. How did it work? Super simple!
Badass Rank consists of a variety of simple missions that are unrelated to the side quests and main quests available, and can often be solved without you even knowing it. It usually appears in the form of a number of targets with a certain number limit that will result in a number of badass ranks if successfully done. Examples of his mission? Simple things like killing the Marauders in a certain amount, or just generate a critical with a number of special weapons to the limit numbers provided. You will get a token if it collects enough badass rank. What is this token for? For every existing token, you will be given the opportunity to permanently upgrade your character status as a percentage. Randomly, you will be asked to select one of the five provided statuses.
The gearbox itself is stringing this system indefinitely. This means, Bad-ass Rank will continue to be a target you can complete, and there’s no limit to the number of tokens you can get. The longer you play, the greater the chance of permanently strengthening your entire character.

You Must Play Multiplayer!

Exploring the vastness of Pandora and completing all the main and side quests in it alone is not the right way to play Borderlands 2. Why? Because the Gearbox is designed as a game that will be much better played in multiplayer, although only limited to four people for each room. There are so many advantages that you can get by playing this game in multiplayer. It guarantees a more intense battle and adrenaline pumping with increasing difficulty levels along with the number of players available.
The best part? Multiplayer also ensures the increased probability of getting rare loots significantly, more money, and the chance to get premium for gun cartridge capacity. No matter how diligent and diligent you go around Pandora in single player mode, you may not get better equipment when you play it multiplayer. The more players join, the higher the probability. Not to mention your chances of encountering a high-level good-hearted player that is not uncommon, giving away their high-level rare weapons just like that.

There are tons of awesome good guys in Borderlands 2.

You must play Borderlands 2 on multiplayer to get the most play experience.
Not only does it offer a more stressful stretch due to the increased level of difficulty, multiplayer mode will also increase your probability of getting valuable loots that you might not get in single player mode. That’s why multiplayer mode is a must!
The best part? This may be happy news, for those of you who still rely on pirated games to enjoy the latest game from Gearbox Software. Who can deny, that multiplayer mode has always been a sacrificed mode when you “resorted” to using pirated games for some reason? This is certainly a fatal weakness, considering Borderlands 2 makes this mode as the main force and you should enjoy it to get the maximum experience. But still, a program to emulate private servers is now widespread in cyberspace, allowing you to play your multiplayer pirated Borderlands 2. How? Just google it!


There are no boundaries in Borderlands 2. In addition to the addictive game-play, it offers the opportunity to create your own experience, through the freedom to create unique characters from the various elements that exist. Borderlands 2 is as awesome as it can be!
With the standards already shown by Gearbox Software in the first Borderlands, we were pessimistic this developer will be able to develop a new series that can perform better, more perfect, and more addictive.
But oh my, The Gearbox seemed to disprove all this skepticism from the start of the game. Borderlands 2 proves itself with a much better quality than its predecessor series. Although it presents a gameplay that is not much different, it comes with a variety of new elements that make it more free and interesting. The opportunity to create absolute unique character and experience comes from a much more massive weapon variant and a skill system that is now much more open. Combining it with an ambition to find the best loot and multiplayer system on offer, Borderlands 2 will tie your soul for the longest time.

So, does this game come with no weaknesses?

So far, Gearbox has succeeded in creating a new series with the same identity characteristic, with some added functions and features that make it even more perfect. One that is quite disturbing is some terrain designs that seem to keep an invisible wall. Do not be surprised when suddenly your character runs off just like that or your vehicle crashes for no apparent reason. When investigated, you may only find a small pebble in the corner of the terrain that makes all this happen. Another weakness? There may be enemy designs that are not much different, thus eliminating the element of surprise when you’ve met most of the basic shapes.
This insignificant deficiency certainly will not have a big effect on the epic and addictive experience you feel when playing this Borderlands 2. Gearbox Software must be recognized successfully created a series of sequels that successfully perform their duties very well, attracting the gamer, both newcomers and those who have never tasted the first series. The complexity and uniqueness that he offers will be enough to keep your eyes off the screen for a long time. Awesome!


Multiplayer is a must! It will be enough to make you play this Borderlands again, again, again, and again ..
  • The gameplay is addictive
  • Flowing plot
  • Loots are much more massive
  • Side Quest is enough to keep you busy in dozens of hours
  • AI smarter
  • Skill tree that makes you free to choose the role
  • Multiplayer mode that will encourage you to keep going back to try this game


Psycho remains in the series this time.
  • Terrain with no visible wall
  • The design of the enemy is less diverse
Suitable for gamers: who love RPG or FPS, who play the first Borderlands
Not suitable for gamer:  who have a life other than playing games
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